Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pinterest Anyone?

I signed up last week for an account with Pinterest. Has anyone used it? The problem I have with it is that it makes me want to travel way too much! There are so many pins of gorgeous photos from amazing places. I initially signed up because I heard about it on Etsy, and I do think it could be a great way to advertise if it ever becomes really big, but for now it’s just fun to look at the photos. I highly suggest browsing the site if you haven’t. You need to send for an invite to sign up, or I have some to give out if you want to join. The website does tend to have a few glitches, however. For some reason I can’t upload photos, which is a bit frustrating. Overall I’m excited about it and I would recommend trying it. Here are just a few of the amazing photos that I have pinned:

Photo originally from: http://www.mothercitymagic.blogspot.com/

Photo originally from: http://ohhelloyouprettythings.tumblr.com/post/660824060/pughs-news-tinywhitedaisies-via

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