Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reworked Wednesday - Frayed Edge Bookmark

Welcome to Reworked Wednesday, Week 2!  This week I'm featuring a project of my own, a frayed edge bookmark.

This great project is something that I came up with when I was looking at my piles of fabric scraps.  I didn't like the idea of throwing them out as most were large enough to do something with, I just didn't know what.  I came up with the idea of a bookmark when one day I grabbed a piece of scrap paper to hold my place while reading.  The rest just fell into place.  

I love the results and they make great gifts!  Here are just a few examples of the bookmarks I made.  I'm especially proud of the tulip bookmark as it was featured in the Autumn 2011 edition of Green Craft Magazine.  Stayed tuned to my blog as I will post a tutorial in the next few days!

Tulip bookmark featured in Green Craft Magazine!

Back of the tulip bookmark


  1. This is a cute project, I may do something like this with my 4th grader for Valentines day!

  2. Great idea for scrap fabrics. I have quite a bit of remnants and planning to make something with them soon. I hope!

    Lovely post.


  3. Super cute! I am SO in love with sewing right now. I think I might enjoy it as much as printing (which is my actual trade). Thank you so much for sharing!

    Blogging Buddies

  4. Adorable bookmarks! My favorite is the bird with the tree. I'm following you now from Blogging buddies on Etsy. :-)